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Ensuring Success of Your Renewable Energy Strategy

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Renewable Energy Strategy Road Map

Navigating the renewable energy space is complex. HSBEnergy helps commercial, industrial and agricultural companies achieve success in their renewable energy strategy.

We work with your team to optimize your renewable energy investments with focus on your objectives. HSBEnergy reduces the cycle time and cost of implementing your renewable energy procurement strategy.

HSBEnergy’s approach is systematic, click below to see our road map.

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Renewable Energy Strategy Road Map

Complex Agreement Negotiations

HSBEnergy acts as your independent advisor during the negotiations of complex agreements necessary to secure your renewable energy ROI and solidify your corporate brand.

Purchased Power Agreements, EPC Agreements, Interconnection, and Transmission Service Agreements are complex, highly specific to the electricity industry, and must be consistent throughout.

HSBEnergy understands the details and will protect your position.

Complex Agreement Negotiations

Renewable Energy Strategy Development

Whether your objective is improved economics, competitive positioning, or corporate branding, HSBEnergy works with your team to develop or refine your Renewable Energy Strategy.

HSBEnergy can help you cover all facets of your Renewable Energy Strategy including objectives definition, corporate governance, risk management, reporting, branding, complex agreement negotiations, project optimization, regulatory strategy, market knowledge, valuations and strategy execution.

HSBEnergy is your partner in the process.

Renewable Energy Strategy Development

Blockchain in Energy

Every CEO should have a deep understanding of the impact of blockchain technology on their business and how to thrive in the blockchain environment.

Whether blockchain is considered a threat or opportunity within your organization, if you’re not discussing or acting internally, you’re behind the curve.

Let’s start the discussion now.

Blockchain in Energy

You've created the vision. It's time for action.


HSBEnergy deploys its extensive experience in the electric industry to ensure your success. Working together, we help companies:

- sharpen renewable energy strategies

- develop, communicate, execute, monitor and report on renewable energy goals and objectives

- evaluate opportunities, develop financial analysis capabilities, and review forward curves for valuation

- define strategies to optimize ROI appropriate for the energy, capacity, and REC markets applicable to your operations

- optimize renewable energy generation capacity based upon your unique electric load profile and the potential for tariff or rate shifting

- negotiate complex agreements including PPA, EPC, Interconnection, or Transmission Service agreements.

HSBEnergy is a renewable energy sector expert, helping your business navigate and optimize in the complex and rapidly changing renewable energy marketplace.


You've created the vision.
It's time for action.